Satan's Toolbox

  • What if Satan decided to “sift you as wheat” like he did Peter?
  • What if God gave Satan permission to make you the next Job and take everything you have from you?
  • What if, at your lowest moment, your best Christian friends decided to question your integrity as Job’s friends did?
  • What if your closest and most trusted friend turned on you like Ahithophel turned on David?
  • What if a businessman in your church decided to target you for destruction like Alexander did to Paul?
  • What if someone decided to make you his target online and did everything possible to destroy your reputation?
  • What if the crowd turned against you like they did Stephen and took you outside of the city to stone you for your faith?
  • What if, in the very midst of doing a work for God, someone decided to make false accusations against you and question your motives as was done to Nehemiah while he was rebuilding the wall?
  • What if, in your desire to serve God, your family turned against you as they did to Joseph?
  • What if a spiritual leader to whom you looked to with love and respect  decided to seek your destruction as Saul did to David?
  • What if you knew you were going to be Satan’s next major target?
  • How do we know we are not his target? Why do we assume that Satan is not a threat to us? Why are we so careless in preparing ourselves for the potential attacks that Satan could bring upon us? Are we so naïve as to think that he has not continued doing today what he has always done?

In Satan's Toolbox, the author reminds us of how dastardly Satan can be in his attacks on God's people and God's work.

Pastor Greg Neal Jacksonville Florida Satan's Toolbox

Pastor Greg Neal Jacksonville Florida Satan's Toolbox


Satan's Toolbox


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Some are calling Satan's Toolbox the most important book they have read outside the Bible. Purchase your copy today!

Book Review

"Not only is Satan’s Toolbox well written, but it is also extremely helpful for so many areas of our Christian lives. It is easy to become ensnared with the cares of this life and wrapped up by one of many tools of the Devil. This book is a must-have for every Servant of God and will truly be a help to keep focus on Christ." ~ Donna C

Who is this book for?

Pastor Greg Neal Satan's Toolbox

If you are a Christian, this book is for you. It is a book for all ages. It is a book for all Christian workers, all church members, all deacons, all staff members, and all pastors. It is a book that should be taught in Sunday school as well as in Christian schools. Parents should use it in teaching their children. Pastors should use it in warning their members. Colleges should use it in preparing young people for their futures.

There are few books about Satan’s methods and minions, and none like this one. Greg Neal takes the time to expose how Satan has brought his toolbox into the 21st century and found new ways to use his old tools.

This book is potent and powerful. It is revealing and riveting. It is old-fashioned and modern. Do not read it at your own risk. However, if you are concerned about being the victim of one of Satan's methods, order it NOW and read it as soon as you receive it.

Be warned: Satan is good at what he does. You could be next! Prepare yourself for what he plans to do to you.

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Read Chapter Five, Characters in Satan's Conspiracy.

About the author

Greg Neal is the pastor of the Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. This book was born out a satanic attack on his life, family, and ministry. This time of spiritual warfare was a great time of learning and dependence upon Scripture. Satan's Toolbox is the result of a five year Bible study on the tools and tricks of our adversary. More detailed information about him can be found on the Author page.

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