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Greg Neal is the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. He is also a writer and along with his published books he is a contributor to several Christian publications. He has been married to his wife, Heather, for 22 years and has been blessed with three daughters.

He is dedicated to the preservation of Truth on the printed page. His love for Truth and the printed page began when he was young. Growing up in a pastor’s home exposed him to the Bible at an early age. He trusted Christ as his Saviour at a young age and answered the call to preach as well. The absolutes of God’s Word have been the principles that have guided him.

A defining time in his life was during the sickness and loss of his daughter, Amanda. It was out of this tragedy that his first book, “An Angel Among Us” was written and published. Not only were there spiritual implications from this tragedy this event would lead to a journey of writing as well. During the long hospital stays and even after his daughter’s death Greg discovered that writing was therapeutic. Emotion and feelings that could not be verbally expressed could be expressed through the written word. Another frustrating fact that played into Greg’swriting was the lack of materials available during this time that was sound Scripturally. God used this heartache to plant a seed that is still growing today.

Greg is a Bible preacher with a heart for people. He is an avid reader and considers himself a student. His study is evident in his weekly messages and translates also into his written works. He is known by his congregation for his compassion and his desire to use Bible Truths to build lives.

In 2017 Greg’s latest work, “Satan’s Toolbox” was published. “Satan’s Toolbox” is a three hundred and sixty page, thirty-eight chapter book that describes Satan’s Minions, Means, and methods for attacking the Christian and the Church. This book was written after five years of study and a great spiritual battle in his own life.The book has been well received in Independent Baptist churches across the country. It has been featured on radio and by different Christian news organizations.The book is available online but a unique venue has made the book accessible as well. Pastor Neal has held Beat the Devil Rallies in several states teaching a chapter of the book to local churches with the desire for them to be strengthened so as not to succumb in spiritual warfare. God has used these rallies to help and in some cases save churches from spiritual defeat. Rallies are currently be scheduled in different parts of the country.

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