Beat the Devil Rallies

A Beat the Devil Rally... a meeting similar to a Bible Study or a Sunday School class with Pastor Greg Neal teaching a chapter from his new book Satan's Toolbox. 

These rallies will be conducted...

...on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, and depending on the location a Saturday rally may be possible. When traveling with his family Bro. Neal may on occasion schedule a Sunday or Wednesday night. 

The goal of the rallies... to warn how churches are being destroyed by Satan, and to edify and equip the church to resist and battle their adversary. The material given is invaluable in prevention of the destruction of the church, Christian, and Pastor.

The desired size of the cowd is...

...obviously as many people as possible. With Pastor Neal removing the expenses of hosting a special meeting the rally is feasible for a church of any size and means.

No monetary gift is expected...

...because Bro. Neal is scheduling these rallies by region. All that he asks is for a book table to make available Satan's Toolbox for those in attendance.

Some chapters being taught are...

"Satan Wants You to Leave Your Church"

"Scriptural Manipulation: Where Sin Begins"

"Withstanding In the Evil Day"

"Satan's Attack on Jesus"

"Characteristics of Satan"

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