Chapter Titles

1. A Biographical Sketch of Satan
2. Satan’s Attack Against the Church
3. Characters in Satan’s Conspiracy
4. Satan Wants You to Leave Your Church
5. Satan’s Strategy for Inflicting Collateral Damageon the Church
6. Satan’s Attack on Pastoral Authority
7. Satanic Seeds
8. Hero or Villain?
9. The Resume of the Scorner
10. People Who Do Us Much Evil
11. Messengerson a Mission
12. Remember Joseph
13. Satan’s Cyberstalkers: Spiritual Cyberbullies
14. Satan’s Cyberstalkers: About Their Father’s Business
15. A Few Facebook Friends to Delete
16. The Injustice of Internet Justice
17. Twelve Tips for Conquering Gossip and False Accusations
18. Consider Job
19. Miserable Comforters
20. Those Who Know Us Most May Not Know Us Best
21. Ahithophel: The Friend Who Became a Foe
22.Lessons From the Life of Ahithophel
23. Shimei: A Thrower of Stones
24. David’s Principles for Revenge
25. Family Matters
26. Dear Loved One
27. Troublemakers in the Church
28. Absalom: A Disloyal Staff Member
29. Dealing With the Modern Day Diotrephes
30. Dedicated or Deserting Deacons?
31. The Wiles of the Devil
32. Scriptural Manipulation: Where Sin Begins
33. Truth Manipulation: Lies and Accusations
34.Mental Manipulation: The Envy of Saul
35. Church Manipulation: Sowing Discord
36.Withstanding in the Evil Day
37. Satan’s Attack on Jesus
38. Satan Cannot Win, But We Can Lose

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