God’s servants who are under attack will find Satan’s Toolbox to be a manual of encouragement, a mine of enrichment, and a must-read for endurance.  Brother Neal’s Scriptural excerpts give the reader the authoritative counsel he needs when the devil launches an ambush.  The author’s citation of personal experience balances that counsel with the compassion so imperative when one has been assailed by the accuser of the brethren.

Jeff Farnham

Satan’s Toolbox is Scripturally sound, well written, and a very practical help! Pastors, along with mature Christians and even new converts will benefit by a thoughtful and studied read of what Dr. Greg Neal has written.

Dr. Shelton Smith

Satan’s Toolbox is a must read for every Christian. Brother Neal masterfully exposes the ways Satan is attacking churches today and offers Scriptural means of defense.

Dr. Bob Gray Sr.

I have one criticism of Dr. Neal’s new book, Satan’s Toolbox……..It is too hard to put down.

Dr. Andy Bloom

Personal, Practical, and Powerful! Every servant of God, from the Old Testament days of Adam and Eve to the New Testament church of the present, has and will suffer attacks from the onslaught of Satan. Whether a pastor or Christian worker in a local church, Satan has targeted you. In Satan’s Toolbox, Dr. Greg Neal draws from practical Scriptural exposition as well as personal experiences to reveal the wiles of the Devil. Written from a pastor’s heart and perspective, this book will be a valuable asset to any pastor, Christian worker, or church member. I highly recommend this book to every Christian, as it will be very relevant and beneficial in aiding you in being aware of and armed for the battles that confront you. I pray that you read this book with a heart open to the help that God wants to give you through it.

Pastor Travis Howard

It is my honor to recommend Pastor Neal’s book Satan’s Toolbox. It is one of the most needed books outside of the Bible that I’ve read in a long time. This book is Doctrinally sound and will enlighten God’s people on how Satan is confusing many to stray away from sound Bible believing and Preaching Churches. I believe every Church member in every Church needs to read it. I am certainly making it available to my people. 

Pastor Tommy Turner

Satan’s Toolbox exposes and explains in a clear way the tools of the trade Satan has used to dismantle and destroy countless churches all across America.

Dr. John N. Hamblin

If there’s a book in print from a modern day conservative writer, that has been a threat to the kingdom of darkness, it is Satan’s Toolbox. Pastor Neal with biblical knowledge and years of experience has penned a work that brings great light to many subjects that are serious issues in all ministries today. This book is a must for anyone involved in ministry and every born-again child of God who wants to better equip themselves for spiritual success against the devices of our great adversary. You will not be dissatisfied or disappointed.

Bro. Stacy Pearcy

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